Disc Brake Rotor



Disc Brake Rotor/cl1

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bCompatible Vehicles

AcuraRDX2007Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2008Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2009Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2010Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2011Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2012Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2013Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2014Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
AcuraRDX2015Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2005Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2006Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2007Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2008Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2009Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2010Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2011Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2012Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2013Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2014Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2015Position: Rear; Qty: (2)
HondaCR-V2016Position: Rear; Qty: (2)

Additional Information

SKU 08A35510
Part Numbers 08A35510
Brand Brembo
Core Price No
Weight 11.3000
Part Notes No