Mass Air Flow Sensor



Mass Air Flow Sensor/cl1

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Mass Air Flow Sensor

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bCompatible Vehicles

BMW320i2001MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW320i2002MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW320i2003MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW320i2004MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW323Ci2000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW323i1999MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW323i2000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325Ci2001MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325Ci2002MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325Ci2003MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325xi2001MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325xi2002MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325xi2003MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325xi2004MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW325xi2005MfrBodyCode: E46; Primary Sensor; Qty: (1)
BMW328Ci2000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW328i1999MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW328i2000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW525i2001MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW525i2002MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW525i2003MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW528i1999MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMW528i2000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMWZ31997MfrBodyCode: E36; EngineBase: 2.8L 2793cc L6 (3.31x3.31; 84.0x84.0); M52TU; Qty: (1)
BMWZ31998MfrBodyCode: E36; EngineBase: 2.8L 2793cc L6 (3.31x3.31; 84.0x84.0); M52TU; Qty: (1)
BMWZ31999MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)
BMWZ32000MfrBodyCode: E46; Qty: (1)

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Part Numbers 12806003800
Brand TPI
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Weight 0.5000
Part Notes No